Final update (3/22): Sauron is finally on the way to our warehouse! We are so excited to get these out to everyone! Expect a track email before Monday! Thank you everyone for your patience.

6th Update (3/18): Unfortunately Sauron did not make it out today like we hope. Loungefly will try again on 3/23 :( This is not normal so hopefully this can be solved soon.

5th Update 3/9: Star Wars Gingerbread Mini Backpack is on the way and will be arriving 3/15. Tracking will go out over the weekend. Sauron has been bumped another week unfortunately. We will have another status update by 3/18 for Sauron. Hopefully some good news!

4th Update (3/3): Loungefly was not able to get these out to us this week like we hope. New ETA is 3/10. Hope for some good news on the 10th......... 

3rd Update (2/11): Sadly we have just been informed that both release dates have changed to around early March. We already have the Star Wars Gingerbread Wallet and just waiting for the Mini Backpack. We apologize for the frustrating experience and wish we could do more to help speed things up.

If you need to update or change your order please let us know. We will be re-stocking some canceled orders for Sauron on February 28th at 9pm PST.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact us with any questions or if you need to vent your frustration ❤️

2nd Update (2/7): Loungefly has confirmed they have received them but have not checked them in yet. They are sorting through lots of product received (over 60 containers) and will provide us an update once they get to our container. We thank you again for your continued patience and hope they get to them soon.

First Update (2/1): As you may know and probably tired of hearing about all the delays going on. These delays are affecting our Exclusive Lord of the Rings Sauron and Star Wars Gingerbread Mini Backpacks. They have been sitting at the shipping ports since DECEMBER! Due to short staffing at the ports, Loungefly is having a difficult time retrieving product in a timely manner.

Both bags were scheduled to finally arrive over the weekend (1/29-30) so we are just waiting on Loungefly to confirm they have received them in their warehouse. It won't be long now and we greatly appreciate your patience. We understand how frustrating this can be especially when we are given dates that constantly keep changing. 

For those that ordered the Gingerbread set, we do have the wallet in stock and just waiting for the Mini Backpack!

At this time we do not have any extra Sauron's available but if we do receive any cancelations before they arrive, we will restock those once we ship out all pre-orders.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.